Echo Systems
1600 Washington St
Stoughton, MA 02072

Welcome to Echo Systems

We are primarily a referral-based company that specializes in the design and integration of music systems and theater systems in the home. Our first priority is placed on “Ease of Use”. After all, power is nothing without control. The Control system is the key to solid system design and ability to evolve with technology, so that the client gets the maximum return on their investment. The user-interface for every system has the ability to be designed specifically for every person(s) in the home. Again, we are primarily referral-based, if the system isn’t easy for “Everyone” to use, they won’t use it and we won’t get referrals.

Our second priority runs parallel with the first for obvious reasons, and that’s the Design of the system. This is a vital part to the User-interface because certain pieces of equipment may perform great by themselves, but not communicate well with other equipment, leaving the User-interface to suffer. With our experience, we select the finest equipment based on your needs and budget. Home Theatre, Multi-channel Music, surround and 2-channel “Stereo”systems are designed with a great deal of attention to correct installation, setup and location of system components, i.e.loudspeakers , subwoofer(s), video display, etc. The acoustics and locations of system components in the room become just as important as the rest of the system.

The next priority is the client. I will sit with you and listen to what you are looking to do. You may have an idea of what goal you are trying to accomplish, or you may know precisely what that goal is. Either way, I will be listening and will ask the questions that will help to bring the system together. I will often times offer solutions that solve issues with the aesthetics of a room, such as concealing speakers and/or equipment. I have two cabinetmakers that I maintain a strong relationship with to help with some of these solutions as well as interior designers and architects. Referrals are available upon request.

We are in this industry because it is our passion. We realize that most people need help with the choices that need to be made when making an investment in their home. It may be a High definition plasma or projection system & screen, or it may be just a pair of speakers. The point is you have probably heard or seen something that has impressed you. It may have been at the movie theatre, at a friend’s house or whatever. But that has left you with an idea of what you are looking for. That’s probably why you’re reading this. For the hobbyist looking to do it themselves, we offer consultation services.

We are currently updating the site, so check back soon!